Friday, 31 July 2015

He Kaitiaki

He Kaitiaki

Blogpost 5 for Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

Today I went for a walk around our school at our learning break time (morning tea). 

I took the following photos in just one ten minute block of time.

In the staffroom I found a Year 11 boy proud of baking his first pavlova lats night, having brought it in for teachers to sample.... unfortunately by the time I ran back to the office and got my phone to take a photo the teachers had devoured it!
In the gym were a group of Early Years students having a game of netball against some teachers, teacher aides and administrative staff, being refereed by a couple of Year 10 girls

Coming out of the gym I encountered  teacher carrying a box of bananas and oranges outside for students to eat
(thanks to the Fruit in Schools programme)
Walking past the whānau room I said hello to the public health practitioner setting up ready to start hearing and vision testing after morning tea.
In the sick bay I found a young Year 3 student who was sick, waiting for her father to pick her up. her older Year 13 sister had come in to check up on her.

Walking outside I found a group of students ranging from Year 4 to Year 9 all playing a kicking version of four square
Further along the verandah were a couple of teachers working on laptops out in the sun, rather than inside in the cold.

And at the other end of the verandah were some super heroes hard at work.

Out on the field a group of boys were playing some kind of hybrid game- again students ranged from Year 2 through to Year 8.

And others are playing in the sandpit (bad photo!)

A teacher is talking to one of the pre school teachers over the fence that some senior students built for the pre school last year.
A teacher aide wanders out for a chat in the sunshine about what she needs to do next period.

What a wonderful display of aroha, manaakitanga and whānaungatanga I saw in just 10 minutes of a learning break.

Students and staff of TKAS- you rock!

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