Thursday, 4 September 2014

I Don't Get It- Alleyne Chater

I Don’t Get It?

“We’ve come to mistake curricula, textbooks, standards, objectives, and tests as an end to themselves, rather than a means to an end. Where are standards and objectives taking us? What is the vision they are pointing towards? What purpose do they serve? What ideals guide us? Without ideals, we have nothing to aim for. Unlike standards, ideals can’t be tested. But they can do something standards cannot: they can motivate, inspire and direct our work.”
Joseph Payne, 1862.

Throughout the ages (well, the past 150 years), brave people have dared to question the status quo of education. People that realize the actual point to education: making conscious people, capable of independent thinking.
My brain is hurting with the obviousness of how anti real education our current system is. It is so screamingly obvious, so blatant; I can’t fathom how it has remained seemingly unchanged for over a century.

I have opened myself to a plethora of vein-like brooks of thought from multiple sources, dedicated to changing the face of education (Joseph Payne, Dennis Littky, Elliot Washor, Guy Claxton, Sugata Mitra, Ian Jukes, Sir Ken Robinson and the kazillion others that are of this ilk!). These brooks have slowly merged into streams, streams into rivers and rivers into mighty torrents that flow to the open seas of possibility.

How can an (extremely) average student, of seemingly average intelligence, see the pitfalls of our current system; where highly intelligent, highly educated people cannot? (Because of the highly political use of education?)  I have absorbed so much in the past 4 years and I know where the changes need to be made. There is no one answer and there is no sombrero that will fit every head. Education needs to be a living organism that can grow, evolve and adapt to fit the nature of its environment. It cannot be cloned and expected to grow the same in the tropics as it does in a dessert.

Now, most of you are nodding and thinking, “yeah, I know all that”. So I guess the question is, how do we make change happen? What do we need to do/implement in order for education to evolve for the better?

I invite you to post a reply and share your thoughts and offer your two cents! We need to start a conversation that snowballs into a phenomenon that finally leads to change.

One day it WILL happen! Wouldn’t it be great to say that you were a part of the revolution!

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