Tuesday, 24 June 2014


So there we were, chillin in the lounge on a Sunday afternoon, having a couple of quiet beersies with the boss (as you do!). The Ipad is sitting on top of the old fireplace so the kids can reach it. They take turns picking their favorite songs on YouTube, which is great, because for a 7, nearly 5 and a just turned 2 year old; they have great taste in music, if not a little eclectic!

It was our 2 year olds turn (keep in mind that we seriously limit Ipad exposure at home). She rocked up to the Ipad, opened up the kid’s playlist, scrolled through the list and made a quite dissatisfied grunt. She then switched into the history and scrolled down and found the song she was looking for! 


Wait! It gets better!

The Ipad wasn’t loud enough for her, so she exited YouTube, swiped 2 pages to the left, opened up the settings, went to the Bluetooth settings and turned it on. She then connected to our little Bluetooth boom box, exited the settings, swiped two pages to the right, opened up YouTube and pressed play! 

Ahh, much better!

She just turned 2! What the hell!

Do we give our young people enough credit when it comes to their ability to learn?

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  1. Awesome! Like I believe, kids teach themselves just fine up to the age of 5 and then all of a sudden, they need teachers to teach them and National Standards to tell their parents what they should have learnt.