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Since its inception over a year and half ago the 321 Action Inspire Programme has evolved immensely. From just introducing students into participating actively in a variety of health and physical activities in addition we are now currently providing significant learning opportunities for students.

My intial inquiry was entitled “Becoming the HERO of your own movie” this was based on the concept of getting out of a rutt and making the conscious decision not too play the victim. I would explain to my 321 students that they each have a conscious decision too make, the decision whether or not they want to achieve or not. I would explain to them that we all acknowledge at times in their lives things may not be going as well as they may have expected. Whether it be problems at home or at school, with teachers , friends or family, challenges in their lives which will always be around the corner and it is up too them how they deal or not deal with them.

Living their life, like as if a film crew were recording every move, action and word was planted in their minds. Students could either choose to become the guy or girl who is forgotten about or dies after a few scenes, the loser the VICITIM or they could choose to become the HERO of their own movie the one who achieves success after being at their lowest in the beginning of the movie, the part of the movie when everything is going wrong  but after a realization that if things are going to change they have to make the change themselves. Just like all the Rocky Balboa movies.

For the 321 students, in order to become the HERO of their own movie I had to change what I was currently offering and extend my thinking through providing them with significant learning opportunities These were provided over time which included understanding and demonstrating good exercise techniques, personal heart rate, instructing a workout, improving fitness levels, identifying and tracking their own body composition analysis, individual food journals, working in small and large group activities, listening to motivational speeches either through mixed media or guest speakers within the health and fitness industry, learning and understanding concepts like OARS and BEDS, introducing SOLO Taxonomy within the programme, completing workout reflections and lately, creating inspirational static images. All of these had to be expressed in some way not just through thought and action but through written evidence, evidence that could be visually seen by
 the individual and the teacher.

Results over time were amazing and those students who wrote down their goals on a weekly basis, who completed reflection sheets on how they felt before during and after each workout and who consistently recorded data based on their body composition analysis ie weight, bfat% and muscle mass percentages aswell as recording what they were eating during the week had considerable movements in their health and fitness. Writing down their goals and reflecting on their results and creating new goals I believe made an
impact on their learning and improved health and fitness journeys..

mmm but was this enough?

Reading the above one may view the programme as being successful and I believe it has since its inception, however for me the huge success of the programme hasn’t been due to the content of the programme, but I believe it has been hugely credited due to a concept that was recently introduced earlier in the term term through my colleague and friend Matua Morgan Ngata. Through his many travels through the Blog world he came across the following text called

The Happiest People Pursue the Most Difficult Problems.”

The following concept and key words were then introduced to the 321 action Inspire programme.


Although I believe the 321 programme contained variable amounts of all of these ingredients, bringing it to life through the use of the 3M’s have successfully provided the direction, the self management checklist and the “ahaaaa moment” for myself and for the majority of my students.

Delving into the 3M’s 321 Action has discovered how the following affects us;

MASTERY was more than just achieving a successful grade, completing a task or even a workout. It became more about being the best they could be and reaching their full potential and working towards mastering their
knowledge base and skill level.

MEMBERSHIP is about belonging to an idealogy that is bigger than yourself, valuing who you surround yourself with, people that support and share the same beliefs that you have. Attaching yourself to this thought which leads you to a road that you feel you can either walk alone or with assistance.

MEANING is about the reason why you are doing this? it must have value and you must believe in it whole heartedly, you must believe in yourself before anyone else believes in you and itss not about instant gratification its about a lifestyle change.

Since the introduction of the 3M’s I can honestly say I have seen shifts which have surpassed the Gym and are slowly transferring into the school but more importantly into the hearts and minds of some of the students.

Seeing students form relationships and create opportunities to promote healthy lifestyles outside the gym has been mindblowing, Senior Students returning to school to complete standards although they have the authorization to return home has been incredible. Both senior and middle year  students making a stand for what is morally right and confronting fears of being labeled from their peers has been humbling and lately to discuss career options and opportunities for the future with some of the senior students has been in my mind the success stories and learning impacts for 321Action.

We have also provided a link for students to share their feelings, express opinions, stories, facts, pictures about their health and fitness as well as communicate and make contact with experts in this field for advice by setting
up our very own 321 Action Facebook page.

In closing I am honoured and privleged to have not taught but learnt side by side with some of most talented, dedicated, supportive and loving students during the 321 action Inspire programme and I look forward to running and extending the 3M’s not just in my INSPIRE programme next year but also my teaching career and personal life as I believe it encapsulates…….


Na Matua Sol


  1. You could also become the heroine or perhaps the shero?

    You are so right Sol. We have this one life we are sure of. Others have absolutely no right over it.

    We must all be constantly aware of our own power to overcome obstacles and to control our destiny, And to remove the shackles on our mind is the first step.