Saturday, 30 November 2013

Changing My Thinking- Sol Blake

I never thought that I would accuse myself of defictittheorizing some of the students I use to teach, but on closer inspection and reflection of my previous practices I unconsciously did. I can recall walking into the classroom and thinking well here are my motivated students on this side Heads Up and there are my unmotivated ones Heads down. I would give both groups various degrees of attention accordingly. Wether it be through the words I expressed or by my body language  looking back I know now without any thought I would treat students differently. In the beginning years of my teaching career as a L.A.T I would rarely genuinely reflect on my practices.  

Since coming on board as a staff member of TKAS I must commend our Tumuaki /Principle as she is a huge advocate of reflecting and constantly challenging ones own teaching practices and beliefs and I believe I have become not just a better teacher but also a better person because of it. I would be lying if its not a continuing battle in my mind to keep myself in check…definitely work in progress.

I have come to the notion that motivation fluctuates. It’s perfectly normal to be highly driven one week and rather apathetic the next.

I no longer waste time feeling bad about students fluctuating levels of motivation; as I believe this only makes my students “more human.” and I have learnt too Roll with it and adjust accordingly.

With true timing, whilst writing this piece in walks a studentwith  his mother who is having a meeting with the tumuakiconcerning a suspension hearing. I can recall meeting this student 2 years ago and thinking right from the outset…herestrouble! Why? Because he had his head down and didn’t smile or say hello to teachers in the morning. I wonder how I would feel if I were given looks of “Heres trouble!

Matua Sol

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